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Human resources acquisition for any business

Personnel search

Finding the right people is one key part of business growth and launching operating activities. Our advisors will be happy to assist in high-skilled personnel search for your company in any jurisdiction of choice within European Union. Human resource management is highly important in the structure of any business and we approach this topic thoroughly to guarantee to hire the best employees as soon as possible. We have a wide range of connections across EU and the search channels we use include besides vacancy marketplaces and social media, our own databases and a broad network of partners.

Search methods and channels

Search channels of personnel
  • Candidate database analysis
  • Headhunting
  • Use of online vacancy marketplaces
  • Social media and other internet resources
  • Partners across EU
Timeline to set up a company
  • Interviews
  • Questionnaires
  • Task simulations
  • Situational exercises
  • Recommendations from previous jobs
Listed above set of search channels for potential employees in conjunction with interview methods allows completing the task in the shortest time in accordance with initial requirements and expectations of our Clients. At the initial stage, our consultants personally meet with a Client to clarify in detail the requirements for candidate needed for the position, as well as to formulate a detailed application. Learning as many details as possible is an important stage that makes it feasible to simplify the procedure of search, increase the efficiency of hiring and save time. Using our services, you can hire personnel not only capable but also willing to work for the success of your company.

Comparative analysis of salaries

The table below reflects a comparative analysis of brut salaries by different fields in numerous European jurisdictions. All salaries are present for the year 2021.
  • Estonia
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • France
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Poland
  • Finland
  • Montenegro
  • Ireland
Factory and Manufacturing
Information Technology
Finance and Accounting
Finance and Accounting
1.900 EUR
1.100 EUR
2.400 EUR
2.300 EUR
1.000 EUR
3.700 EUR
2.700 EUR
4.900 EUR
4.100 EUR
2.700 EUR
4.700 EUR
3.300 EUR
6000 EUR
5.200 EUR
3.300 EUR
3.300 EUR
2.300 EUR
4.400 EUR
3.500 EUR
2.300 EUR
2.200 EUR
1.500 EUR
3.300 EUR
2.300 EUR
1.500 EUR
3.700 EUR
2.500 EUR
5.100 EUR
4.100 EUR
2.700 EUR
1.200 EUR
750 EUR
1.800 EUR
1.300 EUR
820 EUR
3.300 EUR
2.500 EUR
4.000 EUR
3.600 EUR
2.400 EUR
750 EUR
500 EUR
1.000 EUR
800 EUR
520 EUR
3.450 EUR
2.300 EUR
4.850 EUR
3.700 EUR
2.400 EUR

How we do it

  • 1
    Personnel needs analysis
    Research the personnel needs of the Client including the compilation of characteristics list for the candidate required for the position.
  • 2
    Labor market analysis
    Research of costs based on median wage in the field and according to the offers from competitors; Analysis of labor force quality and availability based on information from governmental institutions; Identification of the optimal search channels and interviewing methods; drafting the timeline with respect to each stage.
  • 3
    Hiring the personnel
    Gathering resumes/CVs, longlisting, contacting, interviewing and prioritizing according to the set up criteria and identified search channels within second stage.
Sequence of delivering the results
Sequence of delivering the results
As a result of the first workshop, the Client will be introduced with a proposal containing terms of engagement,timeline and price for the service.
The Client will be introduced with a long list of potential candidates for the position (prioritized according to the initial criteria). In case of necessity, the Client jointly with Gofaizen & Sherle changing strategy and vector of search.
he first round of interviews with potential employees from the long list was conducted by Gofaizen & Sherle and the Client will be introduced with a shortlist for subsequent detection of the most suitable candidate.
The Client will be presented with 2-3 options per open vacancy during the second round of interviews which will take place between Gofaizen & Sherle, the Client and the candidate. As a result, the most suitable candidate will be accepted for a probationary period.
The Client within the first 1-2 months assessing the candidate compliance with the requirements and declared skills.
After the expiry of the above probationary period in case if the Client is satisfied with the candidate, the services of Gofaizen & Sherle should be paid according to the proforma invoice. If the candidate fails a trial period, Gofaizen & Sherle is committed to conduct the search process all over again.
Having a proper team capable and willing to work – a key factor in the full functioning cycle of the company. Highly skilled and motivated employees promote sustainable growth what makes the entity more competitive. Our team would be glad to assist with the process of human resources acquisition for any business.

Other infrastructure set up services

  • Search for commercial and noncommercial spaces (apartments; office; retail; warehouses and industrial premises)
  • Verification of the rental agreement for compliance with Client conditions
Business premises search
  • virtual exchanges and virtual assets trade/ other financial services
  • Sales of goods to high-risk countries
  • Directors or/and shareholders of the company are non-residents of the European Union
Bank Account for “high risk” business
  • Website development (corporate website, website catalog, online store, portal or online service, landing page)
  • Domain configuration and corporate mailboxes set up
  • SEO and SEA set up
  • Voice IP (direct numbers in any cities of the world)
IT environment

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