IT infrastructure set-up
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IT infrastructure set-up

Corporate websites. Voice IP. Domain Configuration. SEO/SEA

Corporate website

The corporate website is the face of the company nowadays which contributes as a sales channel to attract new Clients, strengthen the existing network and relationships with partners and enhance the image. Therefore, creating or improving an existing corporate website is one of the ways to scale and raise the performance of the company. Gofaizen & Sherle IT developers implement projects of any format based on the real needs of the Client. We create websites "from scratch" of all types and of any complexity and promptly respond to requests, begin negotiations and formulate a technical assignment.

Price range and time scope

    Website type
  • Landing page or one page website
  • Business card website, up to 10 pages
  • Corporate website
  • Website catalog, showcase of goods
  • Online store
  • Portal or online service
Ready-made template
Individual solution
Time scope
Time scope
Up to 550 EUR
3-5 days
From 750 EUR
3-5 days
Up to 1 200 EUR
7-10 days
From 1 600 EUR
2-4 weeks
Up to 1 800 EUR
2-4 weeks
From 2 700 EUR
5 weeks+
Up to 2 900 EUR
3-5 weeks
From 4 200 EUR
5 weeks+
Up to 4 500 EUR
5 weeks+
From 6 500 EUR
7 weeks+
does not exist
6 weeks+
From 24 000 EUR
9 weeks+

How we do it

  • 1
    Technical assignment set up
    Analysis of the Client needs, identification of goals and objectives for the website, set up the technical assignment for the team of developers.
  • 2
    Prototype and design
    Prototype and design development in accordance with the corporate style of the company. Transfer of the finished designed version to the Client, edit and confirmation receipt.
  • 3
    Programming and testing
    Layout (correct display of website elements in all existing Internet browsers), programming, filling with content, testing.
Sequence of delivering the results
Sequence of delivering the results
Conformed Specification (CS) is compiled jointly with the Client and IT architect. CS – the fundamental document defines the main directions of website development (designs and principles of operation).
An interactive prototype of all future pages and elements of the website has been developed including navigation and ease of use to increase the conversion.
Website design has been created and pre-approved by the Client in accordance with the corporate style of the company (preferred colors, corporate identity etc.)
The website layout is done and the design was transferred to HTML code.
Database, interactive service and programming are done.
The resource is tested and filled with the content. The website is released and placed on hosting and domain.

Auxiliary services

Domain configuration and corporate mailboxes set up
A domain name registration, domain linking to hosting, creating corporate addresses associated with a brand, setting up employee accounts.
Setting up Voice IP
Setting up direct numbers in any cities of the world to develop new markets, significant reduction of the cost for phone calls, integration with various CRM and other business services, flexible and convenient statistics set up and recording conversations.
SEO (organic search engine optimization)
Semantic core compilation, the internal structure of resource improvement, elimination of the technical errors (duplicate pages, broken links, website loading speed increase), usability improvement, the relevance of pages increase (compliance with the request of users), implementation of internal linking.
SEA (search engine advertising set up)
Selection of keywords (search queries) and miscalculation of the budget for a future advertising campaign, setting up advertising campaigns (selecting and setting up networks, types of devices, locations, bids and budgets, method of displaying ads), splitting keywords into semantic groups and their distribution by campaigns, assistance in composing ad texts, setting up ad extensions.
Creating a high-quality web resource for the specifics of your business makes it possible to stand out among competitors. Every successful project is based on the idea, individuality and high-quality technical design of the product. For more than 5 years, our team of specialists has been engaged in the commercial development of IT solutions. We would be glad to assist you throughout the entire process of IT infrastructure setup including website development and search engine optimization.

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