Real estate for business
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Real estate for business

Premises for commercial activities

The most important factor in setting up an infrastructure for the company is finding properly needed premises for commercial activities. Depending on the type of business, Gofaizen & Sherle will assist in the search for commercial spaces of any type (retail, office, warehouse or industrial, etc) taken into consideration all the criteria and requirements from your side, such as location, condition, size, price and necessary infrastructure. We also will take the commitment to negotiate with the landlord and modify/amend the rental agreement according to compliance with your wishes (if applicable) and warn regarding any underwater stones. We have a large network of partners throughout the European Union in the real estate sector allowing find premises for commercial activities within the shortest possible time.

Approach and search channels

Our methodology includes an integrated approach in finding premises for business. The project will be kicked off after a thorough analysis of the Client needs and search criteria identification. Further, will be conducted research of the existing real estate market in the selected jurisdiction using the following search channels:
  • An extensive network of partners across the EU
  • Realtors and brokers
  • Online real estate marketplaces
  • Chamber of commerce and trade
  • Local governments in charge for Free Trade Zones
One of the key questions for a suitable premise search – location. We jointly with partners possess certain experience allowing us to assist you in identifying the most suitable place, taking into account the specifics of your business. Among others, we consider such factors as the convenience of location for your customers allowing to have stable traffic; availability of parking slots for your partners; distance from the airport/logistic hubs/business quarters and other large objects of the necessary infrastructure; considering the future development of the company, expansion ability and the likelihood of additional rooms rent in the same building, etc.

Comparative analysis of rental cost per sq.m

The table below reflects a comparative analysis of rental cost per sq.m by industry in different European jurisdictions. All prices are present for the year 2021.
  • Estonia
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • France
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Poland
  • Finland
  • Montenegro
  • Ireland
Warehouses and industrial premises
Retail premises
9.7 EUR
4.5 EUR
14.8 EUR
10.5 EUR
26.7 EUR
17.5 EUR
47.9 EUR
24.2 EUR
28.8 EUR
15.6 EUR
54.4 EUR
43.2 EUR
49.5 EUR
12.0 EUR
55.4 EUR
43.2 EUR
13.4 EUR
5.5 EUR
24.2 EUR
19.4 EUR
15.4 EUR
7.2 EUR
19.5 EUR
15.8 EUR
12.6 EUR
2.6 EUR
22.2 EUR
13.5 EUR
17.6 EUR
9.0 EUR
41.9 EUR
21.8 EUR
11.3 EUR
4.8 EUR
11.6 EUR
7.1 EUR
15.0 EUR
10.3 EUR
26.5 EUR
22.9 EUR

How we do it

  • 1
    Needs analysis
    Analysis of Client needs and drafting list of requirements applicable to the premises necessary for operating activities.
  • 2
    Market Analysis and search
    Analysis and search for the real estate in the selected jurisdiction based on the set criteria (size, location, cost per sq. meter, infrastructure, etc).
  • 3
    Agreement conclusion
    Contacting the landlord, negotiating and amending the rental agreement according to compliance with wishes of the Client (if possible) or warning the Client about potential threats occurring from the agreement terms which could lead to financial damage or contradict with short/long term business strategy of the Client (if any applicable).
Sequence of delivering the results
Sequence of delivering the results
As a result of the first workshop, the Client will be introduced with a proposal containing terms of engagement, timeline and price for the service.
The Client will be introduced with a long list of premises (prioritized according to the initial criteria). In case of necessity, the Client jointly with Gofaizen & Sherle changing strategy and vector of search.
The long list of potential premises is being reconciled and the Client jointly with Gofaizen & Sherle determine the shortlist for subsequent detection of the most suitable options.
Based on the identified shortlist of premises, Gofaizen & Sherle contacts landlords in charge. As a result, the Client will be presented with the conditions of the agreements and a description of potential threats occurring from the agreement terms (if any).
Based on the preferences of the Client, Gofaizen & Sherle asks to amend the contract and continues to negotiate with the landlord until the parties fully agree on the terms of cooperation.
The rental agreement is signed by the parties.
A suitable premise for the company under operating activities is one of the key factors in the full functioning of any business. With proper location and infrastructure, the company might acquire stable traffic of customers and provide comparatively competitive labor conditions for the employees. Our team will be glad to assist you with the entire process, from identifying a suitable location according to the business specifics up to the provision of the suitable options and agree on the rental conditions with the landlord.

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