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ConsultingOn international growth

Doing business is a field of activity including constant problem solving and performing various kinds of tasks with a goal of achieving significant growth in value. There are plenty of ways and methods that empower international business growth and those might require the completion of tasks beyond the main activities of the entity. A high-quality business consulting service could give the company unique information allowing management to make decisions providing business growth, plan and prioritize next steps with very little time and resources.
In accordance with years of experience in consulting SMEs, we have noticed a certain tendency of misconception ​across management in charge for taking decisions in development strategy and international growth. Before entering new jurisdictions, most of the company representatives are clearly convinced having a good understanding of the forces distribution in the target market, the most effective sales channels (comparing the model with the presence markets), the attitude of potential consumers to the product, etc., but in practice, it turns out quite differently. In this regard, sometimes a fresh view from the outside is needed to get a more bjective assessment, avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary guesswork in the future.
Market Analysis
Technical and economic
Partner search
Custom solution of full-cycle analysis for the business growth and development might be constructed in our configurator or see most demanded packages below.
International growth packages
Package type:
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Growth scenario
chartClient Search Sales Boost
chartGrants Direct Investments
Client Search Sales Boost
Grants Direct Investments
The overall market understanding index after project completion
The time frame required to deliver the project
~ 4-6 weeks
The overall price range for the project delivery
6000-15000 EUR
Market analysis phase
Market understanding index (per phase)
  • 1Understanding of the market state, potential and trends are created
  • 2The market capacity is revealed (product/service flow and revenue inside the industry is identified)
  • 3Market shares of major competitors are listed (main competitors are interviewed and profiled)
  • 4Product/service segmented by clear groups of consumers and most efficient sales channels are identified and prioritized
  • 5Marketing policy and resources required for the marketing campaign are identified
Partner search phase
Market understanding index (per phase)
  • 1The long list of the potential Clients (within the target market) is prepared with the relevant contacts
  • 2One round of interviews with longlisted Clients was conducted
  • 3The level of demand and interest towards the proposed product/service in the target market was identified
  • 4Feedbacks are collected, organized and presented in the graphically clear way
Feasibility study phase
Market understanding index (per phase)
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Methods for gathering information in use
information sources
General online search:
Market news, macro and statistical data (governmental sources; IMF; Euromonitor, BMI, United Nations, World Bank etc.), industry magazines and catalogs, industry associations reports.
Interviews with competitors:
The collection of insider information "from the field" through the sales representatives.
Market expert polls:
Sales channels representatives, potential target segment of consumers, industry associations, chambers of commerce and industry etc.
Company databases:
Annual reports, P&L reports, balance sheets and analysis of the financial performance indicators.
Attendance at the marketplaces:
Physical monitoring of sale points, thematic exhibitions, conferences and seminars.
Business consulting is a serious task requiring a complex approach. The process of research in the consulting project goes through numerous topics thoroughly to extract the maximum amount of information regarding specifics of doing business. Such information gives a detailed overview to the Client allowing to make strategic decisions enhancing the growth of the company. Gofaizen & Sherle will be glad to become your trusted partner on the way to the new heights of your business.

Explore other growth steps

  • Company formation within EU jurisdiction of choice
  • Operating license
  • Bank account
  • Local Director
  • VAT and EORI number
  • Trademark registration
Incorporation & Legal issues
  • Human resources acquisition and headhunting
  • Finding business premises
  • IT environment set up
  • Bank account for "high risk" business
Infrastructure set-up
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Payroll services
  • IT environment set up
  • Other "based on request" support (legal advisory, legal opinion draw up, settlement of other issues)
Maintenance & support

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