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Accounting. Payroll services. Virtual box. Legal consulting.

Administrational processes

Numerous administrational processes should be done continuously in doing business. These activities may not be key factors of commercial success, but nevertheless, those are necessary for the functioning of any entity. Such activities are often trusted to outsource companies, optimizing the burden of the entity and giving it more space, time and forces for its main business activities. Maintenance and support is one important part of doing business we in Gofaizen & Sherle concentrate on. Explore the set of services we provide in this category below.


Accounting and bookkeeping

The proper functioning and further development of any enterprise largely depend on the accounting department and related costs for its maintenance. Professional accounting services are a guarantee of safety and success in business growth. It is a complex task requiring significant experience in drawing up accounting documents and passing various kinds of inspections. Moreover, without proper accounting support, it is possible to get serious financial losses in the form of penalties from government agencies.

A vast number of companies prefer to outsource their accounting support due to the high cost of maintaining a staff accounting personnel. Difficulties with keeping up own accounting department also include a continuous personnel search and equipment expenses.

Accounting services include

Journal entry registration

Аccumulation and systematization of data obtained from primary documentation are sources for reporting.

Preparation and submission

Preparation and submission ofthe reports on value added tax (VAT) on a monthly basis.

Preparation of income statement

Preparation of income statement or profit and loss statement (P&L), characterizing the financial results of the organization for the reporting period and contains data on income, expenses and financial results in the cumulative amount from the beginning of the year to the reporting date.

Compilation of the general ledger

With all summary data on accounting reports and accounts.

Preparation of trial balance

One of the main accounting documents, contains balances at the beginning and end of the period and turnovers on debit and credit for a given period for each account/subaccount.

Preparation and submission of annual

Monthly and statistical reports in accordance with local law.

Accounting services in Lithuania for:


Сrypto business

Сonventional business


Payroll services

The correct payroll in compliance with all the requirements of tax and labor laws is the direct responsibility of any employer. Similar to accounting support, it requires a high-skilled specialist, capable to manage payroll properly in accordance with the law and all kinds of regulations. Correct payroll is also an important factor in business growth, as it directly affects the costs of the company and the contentment of employees. Accordingly, a vast number of enterprises decide to outsource payroll services to reduce costs and optimize the burden.

  • Registration of hired employee in tax department
  • Deleting a leaving employee from tax department
  • Calculations of wages
  • Calculation of vacation pay
  • Calculation of severance pay for layoffs
  • Calculation of payments for sheets of temporary disability
  • Calculation of personal income tax
  • Calculation of compensation payments
  • Calculation of contributions to the social insurance fund and health insurance fund
  • Preparation of reports for regulatory and supervisory authorities
  • Preparation of statistical reports related to payroll
  • Provision of payroll information to auditors

Other "based on request" support

A separate part of business maintenance is dealing with current tasks, not related to main commercial activities. Unforeseen circumstances are inevitable in almost any type of activity.

We in Gofaizen & Sherle will be glad to assist you with any kind of tasks on maintaining your business. Our specialists can provide services such as:

  • Support in communication with governmental authorities
  • Legal consulting
  • Operating license renewal
  • Virtual box and address of registration
  • etc.
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