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Our company consists of highly qualified lawyers specializing on projects in the FinTech field. Portfolio of our solutions includes various financial licenses such as Crypto, EMI, PSP, Investment Funds, etc. in numerous jurisdictions around the globe.

We Assist Clients Achieve Their Business Strategies

Regulations for FinTech industry tend to tighten all around the world. Therefore a rather complex legal frameworks regarding the activities of payment organizations, virtual currency exchanges, investment funds, forex brokers, banks, and other financial institutions are being created.

Gofaizen & Sherle’s lawyers specialize in this area and know the legal challenges FinTech companies face. We closely follow all updates in the legislation of various jurisdictions and can provide you with the most up-to-date information.

Gofaizen & Sherle’s lawyers know that legal problems can lead to significant losses, which will concern not only reputation issues but also financial losses.

Our lawyers help bridge the gap between new technologies and FinTech rules that are slowly adapting. We will guide companies on taking advantage of new technologies and finding market opportunities in an increasingly competitive environment.

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Our goals

Our Mission

To assist FinTech projects expanding to other markets by delivering personalized turnkey solutions under legal and operational conditions of chosen jurisdiction environment.

Our Vision

To be a valued partner to our Clients and provide a differentiated offering leading in value-for-value returns.

Fintech Law Services

Gofaizen & Sherle provides a full range of legal services for FinTech organizations, from project planning considering the requirements of regulatory authorities, business registration, obtaining a license, and further support. We work with crypto companies, exchanges, e-wallets, investment brokers, investment funds, and other FinTech organizations.

Crypto Exchange License

European countries require crypto organizations that want to operate on their territory to undergo verification and obtain a work permit. Gofaizen&Sherle fintech lawyers will check how your organization meets the requirements of the chosen jurisdiction, help you collect the necessary documents, and fill out an application for a license.


EMI License

This license allows individuals to issue electronic currencies and perform actions with them (store, exchange, sell). The fintech lawyers of our company will help you create an organization that will meet all the requirements of state regulators and obtains the appropriate work permit.


Gambling License

A gambling license is a necessary legal requirement for operating a gambling business. It grants permission to offer gambling services, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Gofaizen&Sherle’s expert team specializes in assisting organizations in obtaining the proper gambling license. With our support, you can establish a legally compliant gambling operation and navigate the licensing process effectively.


Forex license

Obtaining a forex license is crucial for running a forex business. Gofaizen&Sherle specializes in assisting organizations across different jurisdictions with their forex licensing needs. Our expert legal team ensures compliance with regulations, handles documentation, and guides you through the licensing application.


The Licensing of a Financial Institution

Our fintech lawyers help to quickly and easily obtain a license for various financial institutions – funds, securities firms, non-bank creditors, insurance companies, and other firms. They will provide you with a full consultation and help you collect the complete package of documents that you need for licensing. When ordering our services, you can be sure that obtaining a work permit will be as fast as possible.

Crypto Accounting Services

Crypto organizations must regularly submit a report on their activities to the relevant regulatory authorities; based on this data, taxes will be calculated, so this issue should be treated very carefully. Our experts will help you prepare accounting documentation, which will help you avoid fines or other problems.


Company Registration in EU & Europe

Before you apply for a license, you must register as a legal entity. Each European country sets its own regulatory rules, and our experts will suggest how you can improve your company and help you collect the necessary documents.

Our Team

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Mark Gofaizen Senior Partner, Head of Consulting
Mihhail Sherle Senior Partner, Head of Legal
Vlad Martynov Partner, Consultant
Viktoria Sherle Partner, COO
Maksim Gasanbekov Associate Partner, Head of Sales (Crypto and Blockchain)
Vladimiras Kokorevas Associate Partner, Lawyer
Fedor Cid Senior Associate, Consultant
Triinu Noogen Senior Associate, Lawyer
Leonid Turok Senior Associate, Head of Sales (FX and iGaming)
Kiryl Zaremba Senior Associate, Business Development Manager

Corporate Blog

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January 17, 2022
The legal status of tokens in Estonia
By Triinu Noogen
January 16, 2022
The legal status of tokens in Lithuania
By Triinu Noogen
January 9, 2022
Estonian crowdfunding regulation – upcoming perspective
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We at Invity and SatoshiLabs as a whole were extremely pleased with the legal support provided by Gofaizen & Sherle in establishing our virtual assets business in Lithuania. Their expertise and thorough understanding of the virtual assets landscape were invaluable, ensuring that every aspect of our setup was compliant and robust. The team’s professionalism and dedication made the entire process seamless and stress-free. We highly recommend Gofaizen & Sherle for their legal services in the virtual assets sector.

Jan Chudoba Head of Legal

Gofaizen & Sherle has successfully implemented all the tasks related to the settlement of legal part (company formation and VASP license application) of our exchange

Vladimir Nosov CEO

Working with Gofaizen & Sherle team was a real pleasure. Their high level of professionalism and expertise made our journey through the process of establishing and licensing of our company really easy and time efficient. G&S is a trusted partner for us in any topics related to FinTech business.

Edward Kost CEO – VULTURE OÜ

We are very pleased with the proficiency, expertise and efficiency that the team of Gofaizen & Sherle showed while delivering our project. Their commitment and approach determine the high quality of services they provide. The competence of the legal advisors in the team of G&S made them a trusted long term partner for us.

Bar El CEO – UAB GetCoins

Gofaizen & Sherle has proven itself as a reliable business partner and highly qualified legal advisor. Our cooperation with Gofaizen & Sherle on many projects has been professional and effective. Extensive expertise, meeting deadlines, being responsive and attentive to every issue distinguish the Gofaizen & Sherle team from other firms. We look forward to working with Gofaizen & Sherle again in the future.

Nikita Tepikin Managing Partner – Legal Kornet

The Manimama OU team would like to thank Gofaizen & Sherle for their professionalism and the quality of the work. Gofaizen & Sherle team has provided us with clear and practical legal advice on various issues including creating of the VASPS in Baltic states and other legal advices. Gofaizen & Sherle’s knowledge and expertise base are very deep and they understand the complexities and nuances of many really difficult cases. We strongly recommend their services

Ganna Voievodina CEO – Manimama OÜ

At Pilsenga since the very beginning we counted with Gofaizen & Sherle to build our financial institution in 21 days, we started our operations in record time thanks to them, it’s been pleasant to work with them through the rush of building a Financial Institution in record time. They for real understand compliance and crypto businesses!

Victor Romero CEO – UAB Pilsenga

Excellent service! The communication is fast and friendly, we are very satisfied with received comprehensive package of services such as legal consulting, full turnkey crypto company formation in Lithuania, assistance in bank account opening for “high risk” business, human resources acquisition etc. Highly recommended!

Roman Potemkin Founder & CEO. TRASTRA

Gofaizen & Sherle are true professionals, everything related local incorporation, business management and financial licenses I know I can trust getting always 100% service, knowledge and value. Good prices and highly valuable service this what makes them as a solid partner.

Ben Richter CEO – Ventures X

Great service and support, and very efficient communication with Maksim and the team. Our company has been successfully created with all the necessary licenses. Highly recommended.

Thomas Zelias CEO – UAB TalentChain

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FAQ about Fintech Law Firm

What is FinTech?

It is a vast industry that includes companies that use technology and innovation to compete with traditional financial institutions such as banks. It includes exchanges, electronic wallets, investment funds, and several other organizations.

What does a FinTech lawyer do?

Lawyers advise FinTech companies, talk about the peculiarities of regulation of this industry in different countries, and also help obtain a work permit and accompany the project throughout the entire work cycle.

What types of financial technology legal services do we provide?

We provide full advice on the regulation of the FinTech industry in the country of your choice, help you register a business, open a bank account and obtain the appropriate license. We can also help with other legal issues that may arise at work.

How do I register a FinTech company?

To register a FinTech organization, you can contact our lawyers. They will help you collect the necessary documents and send them to the relevant regulatory authorities.

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