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Alderney Gambling License

Alderney, although administered by the British Crown, has established a solid and independent system for issuing Alderney Gambling License offshore. This has led to many of the world’s largest offshore casinos and bookmakers being based in Alderney.

Alderney represents an ideal jurisdiction to obtain an offshore gambling license due to its advanced technology base and robust legislation. This creates a safe and conducive environment for the growth of the gambling industry while minimizing licensing costs and ensuring efficient business operations.

The Alderney jurisdiction has high standards of gambling regulation and anti-money laundering, which contributes to its global credibility and guarantees the trust of customers and investors. The Alderney license serves as a mark of quality and reliability.

Alderney is also attractive for its competitive tax system. There are no gaming taxes, VAT, corporate taxes, or capital gains taxes on the island, making the jurisdiction particularly attractive to the gambling industry. The license application process and annual fees are transparent, fair, and affordable.

To obtain a Gaming License in Alderney, a company must meet the economic presence standards set out in Alderney legislation.

Advantages of Gambling License in Alderney

Technological Advantage:

Alderney is known for its high-tech approach in the gambling industry, ensuring efficient management and innovation.

Robust regulatory framework:

Stringent and transparent regulatory standards in Alderney contribute to a safe and secure gambling environment.

Preferential taxation:

Alderney offers significant tax incentives for gambling companies, including no gaming taxes and no VAT, reducing financial costs.

International credibility:

Due to its high standards, the Alderney license is considered a symbol of trust and reliability in the international gambling community.


Having a streamlined process for obtaining a license in Alderney makes it easier to do business, making it more cost-effective.

Market Profitability:

Alderney’s status as one of the most profitable gambling venues in Europe makes it a desirable target for international gambling operators.

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Requirements for Obtaining a Alderney Gaming License

Obtaining an Alderney gambling license requires meeting certain conditions and requirements. Here’s what you need to know for a successful process:

For categories 1 and 2:

  • Company registration in Alderney. Licenses are only issued to companies officially registered in this jurisdiction.
  • Appointment of Responsible Persons. The company must appoint an executive director and an anti-money laundering officer. These individuals must monitor compliance with regulatory requirements and report to the AGCC.
  • Gaming equipment requirements. Gaming equipment must be operated in AGC-approved facilities and meet safety standards.
  • Financial Obligations. The initial investigation deposit is £10,000 and the license fee for the first year is £17,500.

For a temporary license:

  • Foreign companies. A temporary license is granted to foreign companies already licensed in another jurisdiction.
  • Time Limitations. The license is valid for up to 29 consecutive days or 59 days intermittently within six months.
  • Alderney gaming license cost is £10,000.

Process of applying for a gambling license in Alderney

The process of obtaining a gambling license in Alderney includes the following key steps:

Alderney company registration:

Step 1

  • The first step is to register your company in this jurisdiction. This is an important step as a gambling license is only issued to registered companies.

Prepare the required documents for CSP and filing

Step 2

  • Prepare all the necessary documents for a corporate service provider (CSP) and file them with the relevant authorities. This includes the legal and financial documents required to fully register and operate your company. For example, professional resumes, passport copies, proof of address, bank references, and others.

Develop anti-money laundering procedures and a business plan:

Step 3

  • Create detailed anti-money laundering (AML) procedures that are mandatory for gambling businesses. Also, develop a sound business plan that demonstrates your company’s goals and strategies.

Open a European bank account for operational purposes:

Step 4

  • Open a bank account with a reliable European bank that will be used for the operational purposes of your gambling business. This is important for financial transparency and fund management.

Apply to the AGCC:

Step 5

  • Once you have completed your preparation, submit your license application to the AGCC, attaching all required documentation and proof of fee payment.

Meet with AGCC representatives:

Step 6

  • After submitting your application, set up a meeting with AGCC regulators to discuss your business plan and the participants in your business.

Application Evaluation and Decision:

Step 7

  • The AGCC will evaluate your application according to the established criteria and decide whether to issue a license.

License Issuance:

Step 8

  • If the application is approved and the license fee is paid, the license will be issued to your company.

Types of licenses for Alderney

There are various types of Alderney E-Gaming Licenses available in the jurisdiction, which provide the legal basis for providing a variety of gaming products and services. How these licenses work and what opportunities they provide:

B2C Licenses (Category 1):

  • Designed for registration, customer verification, and player funds management.
  • Allow Alderney businesses to offer a wide range of gambling products.
  • Includes the ability to enter into agreements with customers, register and verify customers, and offer and promote gambling.

B2B Licenses (Category 2):

  • Provide capabilities for the operational management of gaming platforms.
  • Cover the management of various forms of gambling and multiple gaming platforms.
  • Note that Category 2 licensees cannot conduct financial transactions with customers or enter into contracts directly with customers unless they also hold a Category 1 license.

Fees for B2C and B2B Licenses:

  • Includes an entry fee (£17,000) and an annual fee which is based on net gaming revenue (from £35,000).
  • The first year the entry fee is charged and in subsequent years the annual fee is charged.

Temporary Licenses

  • Designed for foreign gambling companies.
  • Allow you to act as a Category 1 and 2 licensee for a limited period and specific purposes.

Types of Alderney Gaming Certificates

Alderney offers several gaming industry certifications and licenses that provide flexibility and versatility in the organization and conduct of gambling:

Category 1 Associate Certificate:

  • Designed for overseas companies, this certificate is the equivalent of a Category 1 license without requiring registration through Alderney or locating gaming equipment in Alderney.
  • The certificate allows you to offer gaming software to other eGambling licensees, and engage in financial transactions with customers using other licensees’ gaming solutions.

Fees: Includes an introductory flat fee of £35,000 for the first year and annual fees based on net gaming revenue.

Category 2 Associate Certificate:

  • For a gambling platform located outside Alderney:
  • Enables a foreign company that is not a Category 2 eGambling licensee to conduct gambling operations and operate gaming platforms.

Commissions: Includes first-year entry fee (£35,000) and annual fees (£50,000).

Category 1 Partner Certificate:

  • This certificate allows you to carry out organizational and preparatory work, including registration and verification of clients.
  • As well as, participating in financial transactions and managing their funds.

Hosting Certificate:

  • Provided to providers of physical premises in Guernsey where gambling equipment is stored.This certificate is exempt from annual fees.

Key Individual Certificates:

  • Licensees and certificate holders are required to have key individuals with individual certificates to perform key functions in the management of gambling. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in fines.

Gambling Lawyers in Alderney

Kiryl Zaremba


Senior Associate, Business Development Manager
Leonid Turok


Senior Associate, Head of Sales (FX and iGaming)

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Gambling Legislation in Alderney

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) plays a key role in regulating gambling in Alderney. The AGCC is responsible for the control and supervision of gambling in Alderney. This includes licensing operators as well as enforcing regulatory requirements in this area. The role of the AGCC in Alderney is critical to ensuring a transparent, safe, and fair gambling market that promotes growth and protects all industry participants.

The main pieces of legislation governing the AGCC and the operation of businesses in this area are:

The Gambling (Alderney) Act 1999.
This Act sets out the basic legal framework for the regulation and control of gambling in Alderney. Includes provisions relating to the licensing, management, and supervision of gambling.

The legislation ensures that an environment is created where gambling can be conducted fairly and transparently while protecting the interests of players and the public.

Alderney Electronic Gambling Regulations 2009.
This act sets out additional licensing and certification rules, operational requirements for licensees, and general provisions relating to appeals, infringements, and refusal of transactions.

Alderney eGambling Regulations 2009.
These regulations cover a wide range of aspects related to gambling, including the process for applying for licenses, criteria for licensing, modification of license conditions, and consequences for non-compliance.

Alderney eGambling (Guernsey Operations) Regulations 2006.
This document extends and supplements the provisions of the Gambling Act 1999, particularly in the context of electronic gambling. It introduces additional rules and regulations specific to eGambling, ensuring that activities in this area meet high standards of safety and fairness. The regulation includes requirements for operational procedures, technical standards, and anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing measures for eGambling.

In addition, the AGCC actively implements and monitors compliance with AML/CFT policies by requiring operators to establish internal procedures, document transactions, and evaluate all business relationships to prevent illegal financial activity.

FAQ about Alderney Gaming License

What is Alderney gaming license?

Gaming License in Alderney is a permit issued by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission that allows companies to legally conduct gambling activities, ensuring that high standards of integrity, safety, and responsibility are maintained

How do I get a gaming license in Alderney?

To obtain a gambling license in Alderney, you must register a company in the jurisdiction, prepare and submit the required documents, develop anti-money laundering procedures and a business plan, open a bank account, and submit an application to the AGCC. After that, you should meet with the AGCC to discuss the details and wait for a decision on the application.

How long does it take to get a gambling license in Alderney?

Obtaining an Alderney E-Gaming License can take about a month, provided that all mandatory documents are properly submitted and there are no obstacles in the process.

Is auditing required for companies with a gambling license in Alderney?

Yes, companies holding a gambling license in Alderney are required to be audited. The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) conducts regular audits to ensure regulatory compliance, player protection, and the financial integrity of gambling companies.

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