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Anjouan Gambling License

Anjouan Gambling License, although little known in today’s business environment, has gained appeal for gambling startups after undergoing modernization. With short processing times and a universal license for all types of gambling activities, the jurisdiction offers a comfortable environment for start-ups, especially in the context of stricter supervision in other countries in 2023.

A gambling license in Anjouan, issued by the Anjouan Gambling Institution, is an affordable and efficient option for businesses. It takes only 3-4 weeks to obtain, which greatly speeds up the launch of operations. This authorization covers a wide range of gaming activities: casino, betting, sports, bingo, and others, allowing operators to provide different services under a single document.

Maintaining an Anjouan gambling license requires regular attention to adhere to legal requirements, including annual reports and renewal processes. Licensees can also expand their business by adding new payment accounts, changing their corporate structure, or adding additional licenses.
The AGA ensures that the industry operates fairly and responsibly by enforcing strict laws for licensees, such as fair gaming, financial reporting, and data protection. Regular audits are conducted to verify compliance with these standards.
The Anjouan jurisdiction offers significant financial advantages, such as no tax on gross gaming revenue and reasonable set-up and maintenance costs, making it attractive to any business.

Advantages of the Anjouan Gambling License

The licensing process in Anjouan:

Anjouan is renowned for its speedy procedural approach to gambling licensing, taking only 3 weeks if all required documents are submitted on time. This is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to get their projects up and running quickly.

Affordability and benefits:

This jurisdiction offers some of the most attractive rates for obtaining and maintaining licenses, making it a great choice for new companies in the gambling industry.

Simplified application:

The procedure for obtaining a gambling license in Anjouan is simplified as much as possible, minimizing bureaucratic hassles, and making the process much easier for applicants.

Ideal for startups:

Anjouan license is an excellent choice for new gambling ventures, offering low start-up costs and business development support without the need for large investments.

Multifunctionality of a single license:

A single license in Anjouan covers the full range of internet gambling, offering flexibility and economic benefits in expanding the range of gaming services.

No taxation on gaming revenues:

Anjouan’s unique zero-rate tax policy on gaming revenue sets it apart from other gambling jurisdictions and makes it particularly attractive to gaming operators.

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Requirements for Obtaining Anjouan Gaming License

Gaming license holders in Anjouan are required to comply with several regulations to maintain and renew their licenses. Here are the basic requirements:

Regular reporting:
Submission of reports to the Anjouan Banking and Gaming Supervision Authority (ABGB) by the Betting and Gaming Act 2005.

Protection of vulnerable groups:
Active protection of minors and players prone to gambling addiction.

Anti-money laundering:
Work to identify and report money laundering activities.

AML/CFT compliance:
Identifying customers, maintaining records of financial transactions and betting history, processing payments, and detecting and reporting suspicious transactions.

Appointment of AML/CFT Officer:
Appointment of a qualified person to monitor compliance with AML/CFT policies.

Development of internal procedures:
Establishing mechanisms to protect vulnerable groups and provide counseling services.

Attendance at ABGB meetings:
Continued availability to attend meetings on regulatory matters.

Audit of gaming systems:
Agreeing to third-party audits of gaming systems.

Ethical Behavior in Advertising:
Adherence to ethical standards in advertising activities that do not promote underage gambling.

Vendor control:
Ensuring that software and hardware vendors are reliable and meet standards.

Compliance with International Laws:
Maintaining compliance with changes in gaming industry legislation in different countries.

Informing of changes:
Notifying ABGB of any significant changes to the information provided.

Prohibition of cash transactions:
Excluding cash transactions on the account.

Compliance with financial ratios:
Maintaining levels set by ABGB and reporting regularly.

Beneficiary Information:
Notifying ABGB of any changes in beneficial ownership within 7 days.

Reporting changes in the status of other licenses:
Informing ABGB of revocation or suspension of licenses in other jurisdictions.

Notification of important issues:
Informing ABGB within 48 hours of important incidents affecting eligibility to hold a license.

Timely payment of fees:
Regular payment of all recurring fees to maintain the license.

Process of applying for a gambling license in Anjouan

The licensing process in Anjouan is fast and efficient. If the documentation is ready and the application form is correctly filled out, the whole process can take up to three weeks – much faster than in other countries. This is achieved through reduced bureaucracy and streamlined regulatory procedures. This system allows a new gaming business to be launched quickly or an existing one to be relocated without much difficulty.

Check the suitability of key individuals

Step 1

  • Every owner, investor, and ultimate beneficiary must undergo an integrity and suitability check, confirming their impeccable status.

Payment of fees

Step 2

  • Registration and other related fees must be paid.

Submission of application form and documents

Step 3

  • The completed application form and required documents are sent to the Anjouan Banking and Gaming Supervision Authority (ABGB).

Assessment of financial and ethical qualities

Step 4

  • The ABGB analyzes the financial reliability and moral aspects of all parties involved in the application.

License Issuance

Step 5

  • If all requirements are met, the applicant is granted a license to operate for one year with the option of a possible subsequent renewal.

Payment of the annual fee

Step 6

  • The annual registration fee must be paid.

Commencement of Operations

Step 7

  • Once a license is obtained, the licensee can legally begin gambling.
    During the application process, the regulator evaluates the financial reliability, integrity, and technical competence of the applicant. This process includes a thorough review of compliance with regulations and the data provided. In case of inaccuracies or omissions, the regulator requests clarification of information.

How to Start a Gambling Company in Anjouan

The registration of an International Business Company (IBC) in Anjouan is possible within a short timeframe of less than 24 hours, provided all the required documents are prepared in advance. Based on the International Business Companies Act 004 of 2005, an IBC in Anjouan can be operated on a share capital or guarantee basis and does not require tax residency or physical presence of the business in the jurisdiction. Such companies are also exempt from reporting obligations.

Requirements for IBCs:
Companies registering in Anjouan are required to have a local authorized officer or registered agent and cannot do business with Anjouan nationals or own real estate in Anjouan.

IBC Registration Process:

Step 1: Selecting a local representative or agent
A local representative or agent authorized by the Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority must be identified and appointed.

Step 2: Opening a bank account
A local bank account should be opened for the company.

Step 3: Transfer of share capital
The transfer of the share capital of the company is required.

Step 4: Selecting a payment service provider
It is important to select a reliable payment service provider that offers customers a variety of secure payment methods.

Step 5: Submission of application and documents
Apply for registration with the Registrar of International Business Companies by submitting the following documents:

  • Memorandum of Association.
  • Articles of Association of the company.
  • Latest audited accounts or annual reports.
  • Proof of impeccable reputation.
  • Bank reference (original).
  • Corporate structure.
  • List of shareholders holding more than 5% of voting shares.
  • Copy of the resolution of the board of directors.
  • Confirmation of compliance with legal requirements.

Upon completion of registration, the Registrar issues a certificate confirming the company’s status as an international corporate company.

Types of Licenses for Gambling in Anjouan

Anjouan offers a universal Internet gambling license covering all types of online gambling: sports betting, scratch cards, casinos, bingo, blackjack, poker, bingo, cybersports, live games, and blockchain-based games.

This license type is universal for both end-customer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) companies, covering software creators and distributors, including those in the gaming industry. It provides significant adaptability in use, authorizing owners to exploit different trademarks and internet domains and to engage in a wide range of marketing campaigns for internet gaming.

The main features of the Anjouan Online Gambling License are:

1. Expiration and renewal period: The license is valid for 1 year. Companies can renew the authorization annually.

2. URLs: 2 URLs are included; additional URLs can be added for a fee.

3. Global Domain Hosting: Licensees can host domains anywhere in the world.

4. Sublicensing Policy: Not Allowed.

This license offers holders extensive opportunities for international gambling activities while providing flexibility and convenience in managing their online offerings.

Gambling Lawyers in Anjouan

Leonid Turok


Senior Associate, Head of Sales (FX and iGaming)
Kiryl Zaremba


Senior Associate, Business Development Manager

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Overview of Anjouan Gambling License

License processing time 2 months
License application fee 17 000 EUR
Minimum capital requirement No
Tax on profit No
Resident employee No
Office requirement Legal address

Gambling Legislation in Anjouan

The Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority (AOFA) plays a leading role in the governance of the Anjouan gambling industry by setting global regulations and enforcing anti-capital laundering and terrorist financing legislation. AOFA’s activities are focused on ensuring consumer protection and maintaining the decency of Anjouan’s image in the global gambling environment.

The Anjouan Betting and Gaming Regulatory Commission (ABGB) acts as the country’s main regulatory body, issuing licenses and overseeing the operation of online casinos. The main goal of the ABGB is to protect the interests of players from the illegal actions of gambling operators, as well as maintain a high level of ethical and safe standards in the gambling industry. The ABGB also provides a wide range of additional services to licensees, including legal advice, marketing support, and customer service.

Anjouan’s gambling legislation includes several fundamental acts including:

  • Computer Gaming Licensing Act 1999
  • Betting and Gaming Act of 2005
  • International Business Companies Act 004 of 2005
  • Prevention of Money Laundering Act 008 of 2005
  • Offshore Financial Management Act 2005

The Betting and Gambling Legislation Act 2005 has gained particular importance by regulating online casinos, sports betting, video games, lotteries, and bingo. This law establishes criteria for obtaining a license and mandatory requirements for ongoing compliance, including anti-money laundering regulations, ensuring responsible gaming, and the integrity of gaming rules.

Anjouan’s legislative system is designed to attract global gambling companies, creating a favorable environment for their development while protecting the rights of players and vulnerable populations. The legislative framework incorporates the principles of transparency, responsiveness, flexibility, and efficiency while adhering to international regulatory standards.

Renewal of Anjouan Gaming License

Obtaining an Anjouan gaming license is just the start of your business. Once it is obtained and the appropriate corporate structure is in place, regular attention is required to maintain its status. This includes filing annual reports, following established procedures, paying renewal fees, and other routine matters. As their business continues to grow, licensees often seek to expand it by opening additional payment accounts, updating the business description, changing directors or shareholders, and acquiring new licenses.

Companies with a gambling permit in Anjouan must meet certain criteria to hold and renew their licenses. This is stipulated in the Anjouan Betting and Gaming Legislation 2005. They must submit regular reports to the Anjouan Gaming Regulator (ABGB), and actively safeguard minors and other vulnerable gaming participants. They must also carry out activities to detect and prevent money laundering transactions and report them to the relevant public authorities.

ABGB has established strict rules and processes as part of anti-money laundering (AML) and countering the financing of terrorism (CFT). Licensed companies must identify their customers, keep accurate records of all financial transactions and bets, closely monitor payments, and report any questionable financial transactions. They are also required to train their employees to prevent financial crime. Under the AML/CFT legislation, each licensed entity must appoint an AML/CFT officer from senior management who will develop and implement internal rules and inform the ABGB of all suspicious activities.

FAQ about Anjouan Gaming License

What is Anjouan gaming license?

The Anjouan Gaming License is an official permit from the Anjouan Betting and Gaming Commission that allows companies to legally conduct online gambling. The license covers various types of online gambling, including casinos and sports betting.

How do I get a gaming license in Anjouan?

To obtain a gambling license in Anjouan, applicants need to collect and submit all the necessary documents about their business, select a local representative, apply to the Anjouan Commission, pay the relevant fees, and prove that their business complies with the established rules and regulations, including anti-money laundering.

How long does it take to get a gambling license in Anjouan?

The process of obtaining an Anjouan Gambling License is efficient and can take as little as 3-4 weeks, not including their preparation time. This speed makes Anjouan the preferred choice for entrepreneurs interested in quickly launching their online gambling business.

What taxes does a company with a gambling license in Anjouan have to pay?

Companies holding a gaming license in Anjouan are exempt from paying tax on gross gaming income. This 0% tax rate on gaming is lower than in many other jurisdictions.

Is auditing required for companies with a gambling license in Anjouan?

In Anjouan, companies with gambling licenses are not required to undergo mandatory audits other than allowing third-party gaming systems to be inspected. However, companies must comply with regulatory requirements and standards set by local authorities, including anti-money laundering compliance and player protection.

How does the Anjouan Gaming License different from the Curacao License?

The Anjouan gaming license provides a faster application process and lower start-up capital requirements compared to Curacao. It covers all types of gambling in one document and offers tax benefits by exempting gross gaming revenue from tax, unlike Curacao where separate licenses may be required for different gaming activities.

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