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Gofaizen & Sherle – we assist Clients achieve their business strategies


Assisting companies to succeed in the EU markets

Gofaizen & Sherle is an international FinTech law firm headquartered in Europe with physical representations in Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Canada and Dubai.

Our goal is to assist entrepreneurs all around the globe to start and gain a foothold of their businesses in the actively developing and growing field of FinTech.

We use a complex methodology to help our Clients in fulfilling their business ambitions in the financial field, providing them assistance on every stage of doing business, starting from companies incorporation, business infrastructure setup, maintenance services and we provide them with full legal support for operating license acquisition and maintenance. Our Clients get full-stack services under one roof which allows them to plan and prioritize the next steps with very little time and limited resources.

Our Portfolio of clients includes hundreds of firms operating in the financial field such as crypto companies, EMIs, Investment funds, Forex traders, Securities traders, etc. Whom we have assisted with a full setup of their business.

In Gofaizen & Sherle Client needs are being put first. Each case begins with close communication with the Client in order to develop the best cooperation model for the fulfillment of goals set. We offer a broad set of services including consulting, legal services, company formation, etc. All our services are aimed at the optimal implementation of business strategies for our Clients.

Our team

Consulting Department
Legal Department
Operations Department
  • Mark Gofaizen

    Mark Gofaizen

    Senior Partner, Consultant

  • Mihhail Sherle

    Mihhail Sherle

    Senior Partner, Lawyer

  • Vlad Martonov

    Vlad Martonov

    Partner, Consultant

  • Viktoria Sherle

    Viktoria Sherle

    Partner, COO

  • Maksim Gasanbekov

    Maksim Gasanbekov

    Junior Partner, Consultant

  • Vladimiras Kokorevas

    Vladimiras Kokorevas

    Senior Associate, Lawyer

  • Dr. Pečiūrienė Aleksandra, Ph.D.

    Dr. Pečiūrienė Aleksandra, Ph.D.

    Senior Associate, Chief Accountant

  • Fedor Cid

    Fedor Cid

    Senior Associate, Consultant

  • Triinu Noogen

    Triinu Noogen

    Senior Associate, Lawyer

  • Olga Alekseeva

    Olga Alekseeva

    Senior Associate, Business Development Manager

  • Denis Suska

    Denis Suska

    Associate, Consultant

  • José Augusto Estigarribia

    José Augusto Estigarribia

    Associate, Key Account Manager

  • Inhyuk Suh

    Inhyuk Suh

    Associate, Consultant

  • Valeria Fjodorova

    Valeria Fjodorova

    Associate, Lawyer

  • Laura Puidokienė

    Laura Puidokienė

    Associate, Lawyer

  • Anna Bondarenko

    Anna Bondarenko

    Associate, Lawyer

  • Evgeniia Murashina

    Evgeniia Murashina

    Associate, Consultant

  • Katerina Khan

    Katerina Khan

    Associate, Consultant

  • Gytė Baltrušaitienė

    Gytė Baltrušaitienė

    Associate, Senior Accountant

  • Anastasia Angelova

    Anastasia Angelova

    Associate, Lawyer

  • Alina Skidan

    Alina Skidan

    Associate, Consultant

  • Vladimir Ihnatiev

    Vladimir Ihnatiev

    Head of IT Services

  • Anna Holubnycha

    Anna Holubnycha

    Associate, HR Manager

  • Victor Iva

    Victor Iva

    Associate, Management Assistant

  • Roman Korobeinikov

    Roman Korobeinikov

    Paralegal, Consultant

  • Eugen Fomin

    Eugen Fomin

    Paralegal, Consultant


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