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Crypto exchange license in Europe

Virtual Asset Service Provider License.

Virtual currency license in the EU

Along with the network of expert advisors within European Union in the legal and business consulting field, Gofaizen & Sherle. provides advisory service to entities in the virtual assets and blockchain areas and assists with the acquisition of the operating license in the EEA countries where these activities are protected.

The development of the digital assets and virtual values market has attracted the interest of regulatory authorities in the European Union and EEA. Thus, a legal framework has been formed in many EU states that allow the growth of digital assets oriented projects.

Our Practice areas include

VASP license for exchange and custody services
  • Exchange of virtual values
  • Online platform management
  • Exchange between virtual values and fiat pairs
  • Virtual values custody services
  • Remittance of virtual values
Licensing of auxiliary virtual asset related services
  • Escrow
  • Staking
  • Loans in virtual values backed with fiat currency
  • NFT digital art auction
  • Investment advises (trade signals)
  • Mediation in the financial deals related to digital assets
Registration of investment digital asset fund
  • Capital management up to 500 million EUR
  • Attract non-professional (retail) investors
  • Manage a portfolio of virtual values
  • Full data anonymity of fund investors
Legal support ICO/IEO projects
  • Project research
  • Token solution consulting
  • Recommendations on the choice of jurisdiction
  • Roadmap development
  • Legal supporting documents preparation
Legal opinion preparation
  • Internal research audit of the client’s project
  • Examination of applicable legislation with respect to the project
  • The legal conclusion/legal analysis of the case
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Business climate

In accordance with the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD) of the EU, regulation of the virtual assets sector has been introduced. It is the first law that covers the entire EU territory and deals with the regulation of digital values. In this regard, virtual currency is identified as a digital representation of value that is not guaranteed by the central bank or any governmental agency and also does not have a legal status of currency and can be stored and transmitted electronically.

The definition of "virtual asset service provider" covers the following list of activities:

  • Exchange of virtual values ​​against fiat/traditional currency (EUR,USD,GBP etc.) and vice versa
  • Storage of virtual values ​​on behalf of third parties
  • Execution of orders on behalf of third parties
  • Reception and transmission of orders

Regulation to digital assets in the European Union is still at an early stage. The EU is working on common principles for virtual currency regulation for all member states while individual member states are already taking different approaches that are based on the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive of the EU.

5AMLD establishes that service providers of virtual values must operate in accordance with the rules of combating money laundering what leads to mandatory registration with AML authorized bodies and carrying out a thorough customer due diligence (identify users, track transactions and report suspicious activity to authorities). Regulatory authorities of different EU member states develop their control practices in accordance with local legal traditions and the economy of the state. Germany, along with Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and France are applying tight regulation of virtual values. In these countries, virtual asset service providers are subject to banking act (securities trading) or payment services supervisory laws leading to higher regulatory requirements, as shown in the comparison table below.

Among the EU countries, the most favorable environment is observed in Estonia where is a clear legal definition of virtual currency status as an alternative means of payment. The activities of companies providing services in this area are regulated by the Law and are under the supervision of the Financial Intelligence Unit, which also deals with applications for the issuance of the relevant financial authorizations.

Comparative table of most EEA virtual currency friendly jurisdictions, 2021

  • Time required
  • Share capital requirements
  • License application service cost + govermental fee
  • Company registration cost
  • Tax on retained earnings (Corporate tax)
  • Physical presence of local director
1-3 Months
2-3 Months
9 Months
4-6 Months
4-6 Months
2.500 EUR
12.000 EUR
125.000 EUR
depends on the project
6.500 EUR
6.900 EUR
15.000 EUR
30.000 EUR
35.000 EUR
1.000 EUR
900 EUR
700 EUR
2.900 EUR
2.000 EUR
Not Required
*The list of costs above is approximate and not exhaustive. Please, fill out a feedback form below to get more information towards jurisdiction of the interest
Among most European jurisdictions, there is no clear leader, however, countries such as Estonia and Lithuania have a confident and clear legal framework and make it possible to start activities with minimal money and time investments. Also, it should be noted that both above-mentioned jurisdictions have favorable tax environment and are included in the TOP countries in terms of ease of doing business.

We are working directly with the following regulators

estonia flag
Financial Supervisory Authority of Estonia
estonia flag
Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit
estonia flag
Czech National Bank
estonia flag
Bank of Lithuania
Lithuanian Central Bank
estonia flag
Central Bank of Ireland
estonia flag
Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (FFSA) of Germany
estonia flag
Financial Crime Investigation Service
estonia flag
Gibraltar Financial Services Commission
It is clear that Europe becomes a leader in the adoption of industry legislation regulating virtual values. The choice of jurisdiction will always depend on the project conception and budget. Gofaizen & Sherle. will provide you with professional assistance in jurisdiction choice and set up a virtual currency oriented business. Our team of experts in Law and IT has wide work experience in the digital assets and blockchain industries.

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  • Allows operate with 500 MEUR capital
  • Ability to attract deposits from retail investors
  • 2-3 month to set up the infrastructure and acquire a license with low costs
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  • Electronic money emission
  • Payment system management
  • Money remittance
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