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Forex License in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is one of the most promising jurisdictions for forex brokers. The owners of forex licenses in Vanuatu get several privileges for successful commercial activities: loyal regulations, zero taxation on profits and capital increase, and a relatively low minimum registered capital. The jurisdiction is ideal for start-ups as well as established forex companies


Obtaining Forex license in Vanuatu

Obtaining a Vanuatu license is an important step for brokers wishing to operate in financial markets. It expands opportunities for financial transactions, including forex activities and securities trading.

Forex activity without a license is strictly prohibited in Vanuatu, to work legally brokers must fulfill several simple requirements and obtain a license. It confirms the legality of the broker's activities in the Forex market. This helps to create confidence among customers and investors, which enhances the reputation and attractiveness of the company. Moreover, the forex license in Vanuatu is recognized by the international community and can help brokers expand their client base outside of Vanuatu. This allows attracting traders from different countries and working at an international level.

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When working in the Forex market in Vanuatu, you should pay attention to 3 government agencies: the main regulator - the Financial Services Commission of Vanuatu (VFSC), as well as the Association of Financial Centers of Vanuatu (FCA) and the self-regulatory organization of the Financial Markets Association (FMA).


The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) was officially established in 1993 by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission Act No. 35 of 1993.

This controller is responsible for the licensing of Forex companies - reviewing applications, providing answers, requesting additional documents, and directly, obtaining licenses in Vanuatu. The VFSC monitors the actions of licensees to avoid scams and the application of fines in case of law violations. If the company does not follow generally accepted rules, the license can be revoked.

In addition, through effective oversight, the commission seeks to protect the public from financial losses and to enhance the country`'s reputation as an economic powerhouse. The VFSC represents the country in the international arena, administers the financial sector and charges fees, and advises and assists the government in the formulation of regulatory measures and legislation in the financial business sector.


Apart from the VFSC, the Financial Centers Association of Vanuatu (FCA) is also responsible for the financial sector. It was established in 1993 as a non-profit industry body providing a wide range of professionals in the banking, insurance, brokerage, legal, and accounting fields as well as financial dealers and real estate agents. The Commission is not involved in government regulation.

The FCA's main objective is to provide an attractive regulatory system to attract investment and facilitate the activities of foreign companies seeking to operate in the Forex market.


The Vanuatu Financial Markets Association is a charitable organization incorporated in the Republic of Vanuatu. It was founded by six registered agents of the Financial Dealers Licensing Program (FDL) who are members of the Vanuatu Association of Financial Centers. It is a self-regulatory body that protects the industry from crime and also works to increase the confidence of partners and enhance the reputation of Vanuatu.

Advantages of a Vanuatu Forex License

  • Clear and easy rules for applicants
  • Low minimum capital - $50,000
  • Full ownership by one person is allowed
  • Popular jurisdiction, which increases customer demand
  • Minimal processing time
  • Small state fees when applying for licensing - $2,000
  • No taxation on income that was earned outside of the country
  • Open opportunities to open bank accounts

Requirements of a Vanuatu Forex License

  • Presence of a local office
  • Proof of impeccable reputation and economic education of the founders
  • Proof of capital source and clean financial reputation
  • Possession of minimum share capital of $50,000
  • Verified documents of directors and proof of address
  • Developed a realistic 3-year business plan
  • Compliance with AML/CFT policies and appointment AML/CTF Compliance Officer to report to the regulator
  • Record keeping in Vanuatu
  • Develop a risk management strategy
  • Hire an independent auditor to provide financial reports
  • Implement procedures for handling complaints and customer dissatisfaction

Process of Getting a Forex License in Vanuatu

Step 1

Company registration

To obtain a license in Vanuatu, one of the main requirements is to register your company with the local registry. Before applying for registration, you have to rent a local office and fulfill all regulations. The registration can be done without personal presence, using the official website of the VFSC.

Gofaizen & Sherle will help you to gather the documents and enter the company in the Registry with the expected result.

Step 2

Opening a bank account

During the registration process, you also need to open a corporate bank account. With this account you will deposit the share capital of $50,000 for license obtainment and the subsequent operation of your brokerage company.

Step 3

Preparation of documentation for the license application

It is necessary to prepare a package of corporate documents by the requirements of the regulator.

Mandatory documents to be submitted with the application for a Vanuatu Forex license:

  • certified copies of documents proving the applicant's identity,
  • proof of address (e.g. certified copy of utility bill),
  • bank statement,
  • cv of the applicant,
  • proof of no criminal record and absence of bankruptcy,
  • business plan for 3 years and financial plan,
  • letter of recommendation from a law firm,
  • proof of local office rent

It is recommended to contact Gofaizen & Sherle specialists to ensure that the correct documents are prepared on time.

Step 4

Submitting your application

Along with the submitted documents, you need to fill out an application form for licensing and pay the $2,000 state fee.

You may be denied a Forex License in Vanuatu if:

  • you have provided false information, forged documents can be criminally liable;
  • your business plan is not realistic or economically unprofitable;
  • the directors or beneficiaries of the company have a criminal record;
  • you have not transferred share capital to a bank account at the time of application;
  • you have ignored the payment of government fees.

Gofaizen & Sherle will help you fill out the application correctly according to all the rules of the jurisdiction for a positive response.

Step 5

Obtaining a license

If all the steps are done correctly, the VFSC will issue a Forex License in Vanuatu. The average time to review and issue a license is 2-3 months. If the regulator requires additional documents, the period may be longer.

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Official Fees

The amount of state fees may depend on the type of company, the services offered, and the number of directors and shareholders. However, the standard cost of obtaining a license is a share capital of $50,000, a state filing fee of $2,000, and an annual fee of $5,000. The total annual renewal of the license is $12,000, including filing annual returns, paying the state fee, renewing the company, and maintaining a nominal address.

In addition to the license fees, setting up a Forex brokerage company in Vanuatu also includes other expenses: company registration fees, office rental, employees etc.

FAQs About Getting a Fоrех License in Vanuatu

Іs fоrех lеgаl in Vanuatu?

The legality of forex in Vanuatu is confirmed by the availability of an appropriate license. To carry out activities in the Forex market in Vanuatu it is necessary to obtain a license from the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC)

Why is it important to get а Forex lісеnse in Vanuatu?

Obtaining a Forex License in Vanuatu is оf key significance as it allows you to operate by the law and regulatory requirements. The license ensures client confidence, protects investor interests, and helps prevent possible legal and reputational problems.

How muсh is the Vаnuаtu fоrех license?

The cost of getting a Vanuatu license with our support is calculated individually. It depends on your needs. The average cost can be $26,000, which includes all government fees and services.
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